ASL Workbook
Everything you need is included:

• Student text that contains grammar rules in concise, easy to understand terms with examples.
• This curriculum also includes a written component of ASL to comply with the standards of many colleges that require a written component for their foreign language admissions requirements.
• Each lesson has a section on culture that covers a variety of topics from Deaf etiquette to the history of ASL.
• Review questions at the end of each lesson to reinforce learning and review past concepts.
• Each student text comes with an accompanying DVD that contains all vocabulary for easy review at home.
• A student DVD that contains homework practice sentences in three speeds to challenge the motivated learner and help the slower learner. It can also be used as a review of past lessons.

At the end of one year using this curriculum, your students will have a vocabulary of over 500 signs and have an understanding of the major sentence structures and facial expressions used in ASL.

The Teachers' Manual Contains:

• Sample lesson plans to follow.
• Student activities for each lesson to reinforce vocabulary and grammar concepts.
• Easy-to-understand explanations of all activities.
• Everything you need to do the activities is included. (Ready-to-use materials)
• Two quiz versions for each lesson.
• A comprehensive test that covers vocabulary, grammar, and culture for every two lessons.
• A colorful Power Point presentation to be used as a review before each test.
• Two versions each of a comprehensive 100-multiple-choice final for the mid term and end of the year.
• A DVD of sentences that is used for the first portion of each final.
• An audio CD to be played at the beginning of each class for the students to practice vocabulary and sentence structure.